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We've come this far by faith

Prior to 1928, Reverend Costella organized the New Hope Baptist church, which was located on 22nd and Paul Streets. After Rev. Costella's death, the congregation was forced to seek a new location.  In 1929, the church was relocated to the basement of a burned out church building at 2531 Seward Street. The property was donated to Reverend McGee and congregation on the condition that it be used only for worship. Services were held in the basement for some time and plans were made to upgrade the structure including the completion of the church sanctuary in 1945 under the leadership of Reverend L.R. Braggs.

In 1964, Reverend James E. Kelley took office and transformed our church even further. Under Reverend Kelly, a dynamic and charasmatic leader, membership increased exponentially to a point that the church was no longer large enough to contain the congregation.  The church moved to its current location at 1411 North 30th Street, a former Safeway store, in 1971 and was incorporated and established as The Greater New Hope Missionary Baptist Church.

After Reverend Kelly's death, Reverend Ollie C. Kendrick was elected on September 10, 1986 and much was accomplished under his leadership including paying off the church's mortgage and the laying the cornerstone. Due to illness, Reverend Kendrick left office in 2011 and we were subsequently blessed with the presence of Reverend C. L. Stubblefield, as interim pastor; who was then officially elected in 2012.  After three years of serving as pastor of Greater New Hope Missionary Baptist Church, Reverend C.L. Stubblefield ended his leadership in March of 2015 due to military orders.  The leadership role was then passed on to  Pastor Brian  Page, whom served his very first term as Pastor in April of 2015 thru May, 2017.
Each leader has brought us to deeper depths and higher heights within the Lord, thanks to Our Heavenly Father constantly guiding and instilling wisdom in our Pastors and support staff. The church has continued to grow because within the confines of these walls resides God's Spirit. Since we are here because of those who have served and gone on before us, it is our duty to inspire those who follow behind us so that the light will continue to shine through them. We have had our ups and downs, the winds blew, storms arose but together, through God's grace, we've made it 90 years thus far. This building will rot, but the spirit will live on for this house is built upon a rock - Jesus!  We will continue to walk together as a unit and grow stronger in faith as one body in Christ.

Reverend McGee                                                         1929 - 1938
Reverend J.T. Carter                                                    1938 - 1943
Reverend Pruitt                                                             1943 - 1944
Reverend L.R. Braggs                                                   1944 - 1948
Reverend Clayton                                                         1949 - 1952
Reverend Mark Marion                                                1953 - 1955

Reverend L.R. Braggs                                                   1956 - 1959
Reverend J.D. Henderson                                           1960 - 1964
Reverend James E. Kelly                                              1964 - 1986
Reverend Ollie C. Kendrick                                         1986 - 2011
Reverend Cedrick Stubblefield, Sr., PhD                 2012- 2015
Reverend Brian Page                                                    2015-2017

Reverend Eugene Rollerson                                       2017-Current

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